Tree Maintenance Programs

Programs for Tree Maintenance

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year long by placing them on our annual care program. Discount Tree Experts offers affordable and customizable year-round service to commercial property managers, real estate management firms and residential homeowners. We work with property managers to develop annual tree management plans for large-scale properties based on allocated budgets, immediate and long-term care needs, and future goals.

Annual care programs may include the development and maintenance of a tree inventory that shows how many and what kind of trees are on a property along with their overall sizes and conditions. An inventory will help predict current and future tree care needs while prioritizing needed services and aiding in the development of management plans.

Our annual care programs may include services such as time sensitive treatments to improve the health of specific trees, pruning based on established pruning cycles and hazardous or undesirable tree removals and replacements.

Simply call or email us if you are interested in placing your trees on our annual care program.