Quality Tree Trimming

Quality Tree Trimming

Tree care is a staple in your garden and regular pruning can enhance everything from the turf to the insect and disease control. Proper pruning encourages your tree to grow strong and healthy. By eliminating old dead wood, and weak water sprouts you limit your risk of branches falling in strong wind storms, and the tree can better protect itself from the naturally occurring insects and diseases. Crown reductions and lacing keep your tree size appropriate for your garden, and can help to allow light through to the lawn and garden. A few of the services we perform include:

--Crown raising or reduction: Crown raising is the proper trimming of lower limbs to provide more clearance under the tree. Crown Reduction is the pruning and shaping of the tree to ensure it doesn't outgrow its area.

--Lacing: The thinning of your trees to allow more sunlight through.

--Winter pruning: Preparing your trees for the winter dormancy

--Storm Damage Recovery: Offering emergency service if you have a fallen or broken limb or tree.

--Disease and insect control: Diagnosing the problem early helps to ensure control is effective, but proper maintenance helps to deter pests before they get to the tree.

--Palm pruning: Removal of old fronds hanging from the tree creating a sharp clean look. Rats and mice, and other pests like to make a home in the old fronds of palm trees and are attracted to the fruit they produce. Timely removal helps ensure these pests go somewhere else.

--Trunk cleaning: Removal of the outer skin left from old fronds. This provides a clean look to your trees, as well as removes sharp and rough edges that can be dangerous with kids or pets running around in the garden.